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August 08 2013


Gestational Diabetes Diet Plan

Gestational diabetes diet plan

A gestational diabetes diet plan is necessary to help protect your long term health and the health of your baby.

Most women don’t know how to cure gestational diabetes, but all it takes is a proper 5-step diet plan.

You, like me, are probably tired of hearing about this or that diet plan. The science is in and the evidence is out: the only other thing that comes close to being as important as good “gestational diabetes” diet plan is your beliefs and attitudes toward your health.

There couldn’t be a more important time in “both” your lives than now, to discover the healing edge of eating and thinking in a more empowering fashion.

Isn’t it funny how Mother Nature gives nutritional priority to the newly developing life growing inside your body? This is exactly why a diet plan for preventing, treating and curing gestational diabetes is so very important.

You are living in an age of great discoveries. Every day scientists learn new consequences and benefits of our food choices. The right gestational diet plan is a result of making wise choices to help create a healthier baby.

Diabetes is really just a symptom of a nutritional imbalance at the cellular level.

Dr. Inder Singh reported in the Lancet1, the amazing results of a study which had 80 diabetic patients on a very restrictive low-fat diet, consuming only 20 to 30 grams of fat a day, and sugar intake was lowered to zero.

Within six weeks, more than 60% of the patients no longer required insulin! Later, that number rose to more than 70%!

Even though gestational diabetes is a temporary imbalance associated with pregnancy, it should be treated and cured with the utmost importance for the sake of both mother and child.

There’s a reason why the low-fat diet plan will work for gestational diabetes, as well.

Think of your pancreas as a thermostat, except that instead of turning on heat, it turns on insulin in the presence of sugar.

As it turns out, high levels animal fat blocks your insulin from controlling the sugar in your blood2.

In a nut shell, if you are suffering from gestational diabetes or interested in preventing, treating or curing diabetes through wise eating habits, then simply follow this 5-step gestational diabetes diet plan:

1. Reduce saturated fat

2. Eliminate all refined sugar

3. Increase natural fiber intake

4. Drink naturally alkaline water

5. geGet mild levels of exercise

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July 30 2013


Diabetes Has Been Cured!

Diabetes has been cured

That’s what the front page of the New York Times and the covers of all the big magazines should be printing.

The reality of the matter is you can expect mainstream media to be the last to ever publish an event like this because then they would lose their biggest sponsors: the drug manufacturers of the world.

Fact is getting control of America’s diabetes epidemic demands the public gain a better understanding of diabetes known causes.

The emergence of Metabolic Syndrome X has leaked some key findings through the big media cracks, but many health seekers have already started to solve this epidemic puzzle on their own.

Let’s speed this up a little and put some of this “leaked out” information about diabetes and related illnesses together.

Many scientific studies have shown an obvious connection between inflammation and diabetes. In fact, 50% of people with insulin resistance (pre-diabetes) also have hypertension, which is classified as an inflammatory condition.

Metabolic Syndrome X is insulin resistance, high blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity and “inflammatory markers” all together wrapped into one package.

What I’m sharing with you isn’t medicine; it’s science!

Anyone can find out how to remove the cause of diabetes and these other illnesses such as Metabolic Syndrome X, even without being a medical doctor — just being a fan of real science is enough to qualify.

I find it most exciting to discover science-based evidence that supports common sense; it seems so hard to find either these days.

There are studies linking chronic systemic inflammation to diabetes, as well as heart disease, even cancer.

When news of this gets out, it is going to be HUGE!

The risk factors for diabetes still stand, and if you want to cure your diabetes then the only way is to address its root cause by making lifestyle modifications.

Curing diabetes in itself is the epic event of our times.

Here are 3 things you’ll have to change to cure your diabetes:

• Your Attitude: “If you think you can or think you can’t, either way you are right!”

• Your Diet: “Too much animal fat disrupts insulin function.”

• Your Lifestyle: “Laying around smoking and drinking alcohol and pop is harmful.”

Diabetes is a complex series of symptoms that starts with “loss of cellular energy, acidosis and then inflammation.” Beyond that, your immune system becomes overburdened, as your cellular communications degenerates and gets scrambled.

Diabetes type II is an effect of low-grade chronic systemic inflammation and there’s proof diabetes type I is also associated with inflammation!

Your insulin is a messenger molecule. When its message gets scrambled, you can bet it’s not the only thing going wrong in your body.

Inflammation markers can also predict pre-diabetic conditions such as weight gain, hypertension, gestational diabetes and onset of insulin resistance.

Start with improving cell health, increase vital energy, detox and nurture your body with a natural alkaline diet, and at least, get some mild exercise.

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July 19 2013


Research into Type 2 Diabetes Remedies

Type 2 diabetes remedies

Type 2 diabetes is quickly becoming the most common form of diabetes, accounting for about 90% of all newly diagnosed cases. This particular type of diabetes is caused by the body’s inability to properly use the insulin that is secreted by the pancreas. Without insulin, the cells cannot process the glucose that generated during digestion.

In recent years, medical research has been conducted that examines the efficacy of natural type 2 diabetes remedies. The resulting data has led many medical experts to recommend natural remedies for this life-threatening disease.

Findings of Medical Research for a Natural Diabetes Cure

• According to medical research conducted at Harvard University, turmeric spices have anti-oxidant properties that will reduce inflammation and help increase the cells’ ability to use insulin.

• The National Institute of Diabetes recommends using supplements of zinc, magnesium, and chromium to increase the body’s ability to process glucose.

• Medical researchers in Sweden have found that cinnamon is very useful in maintaining a healthy blood sugar level. This is because it delays food leaving the stomach, allowing the body more time to process glucose.

• Basil is an herb that has is used widely in Indian food. It is believed that this accounts for the low rate of diabetes in India.

• Nutritional research has found that a vegetarian diet is advantageous to control and treat type 2 diabetes.

Based on these findings, many diabetics and natural health experts believe that type 2 diabetes remedies are successful by treating the disease through a healthy diet. This means eating all-natural foods and staying away from processed foods. Avoid refined carbohydrates, such as white flour, white rice, white sugar, etc. Stay away from sodas, artificial fruit juices, alcoholic beverages, and other unnatural drinks.

Another way to ensure a healthy diet is to take a high quality multivitamin at least once a day. A good multivitamin will fill in any nutritional gaps and help ensure that your body has everything it needs to operate at its most efficient levels.

Finding the Right Diabetes Cure for You

These are just a few of the findings that have been made in recent years. They suggest a certain course of natural treatment for diabetes, but there is much more that can be done. Certain alternative diabetes remedies will be more effective for some than others. Because of this, it is important to know all you can about type 2 diabetes and how to treat it.

To learn more about this disease and all of the tested diabetes remedies, download our Natural Diabetes Cure Report. Our remedy report will show you just how to treat this life-threatening disease without relying on expensive and dangerous drugs. Don’t wait any longer; get your copy today and get started with a natural diabetes cure!

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April 11 2013


Barton Diabetes Solution Kit Review

There is new hope for diabetes sufferers. All natural remedies without harmful medications, needle pricks and constant worry are now available – but only in Barton Publishing’s ground-breaking Remedy Reports that show how diabetes can not only be safely controlled, but reversed or even cured.

April 01 2013


Barton Publishing Company - Diabetes Is A Toothless Paper Tiger!

What if you discovered most all diseases, including diabetes, are all caused from the same thing??? Would you even believe it?

Let’s face it: we live in a drug-driven culture where the pharmaceutical drug companies earn 4-5 times for money than ANY other Fortune 500 businesses. Who do you think controls most all the information about diabetes you hear or see?

The truth is you will never hear a commercial telling you how to change your diet and lifestyle to reverse your diabetes type 1 or type 2.

Diabetes is just a simple immune system disorder — it’s not really even a disease.

There is no scientific proof you have this diabetes “disease” at all. Has your doctor taken a photo of your diabetes disease?

Technically, diabetes is a simple curable “disorder” responsible for a lot of medical drug sales.

People are being cured of diabetes every day. In fact, more often than not, a placebo (inert pill) will help your diabetes symptoms better than any pharmaceutical drugs.

The power of the mind is as important to reversing your diabetes, as is the proper diet and adequate exercise.

There is so much evidence-based science that proves diabetes can be cured; it’s not even funny.

Yes, I’m talking about type 1, type 2 or even the NEW type 3 diabetes.

You basically have two choices:

*    The Pharmaceutical Drug Approach: Focuses on single nutrients and their synthetic counterfeits, or drugs whose long-term benefits are highly questionable. This practice is about 150 years old.
*    The Nutritional Approach: Uses highly integrated effects of all whole food nutrients with a more “natural” flair. This approach to healing is thousands of years old.

The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted

The startling implications for diet, weight loss and long-term health revealed in The China Study is one of those inarguable studies that is changing the way we look at science and health forever.

It reveals the diabetes monster is nothing but a toothless paper tiger.

Most immune disorders, like diabetes, heart disease and cancer all have a common trigger known as INFLAMMATION.

This is one of the most important discoveries of our time. Don’t write is off because of its outrageous simplicity.

If you want to go into it and understand the true cause of your diabetes cure and symptoms, you’ll learn to see inflammation as a cry for nutritional help, not pharmaceutical drugs.

Inflammation can affect any cell in your body. The type of cell that is inflamed will determine what symptoms you will have. Inflammation of your liver, heart or pancreatic cells all have different results, but that would never rule out that they may all have the same cause.

I’m sure you would agree knowing your diabetes (type 1 or type 2) is a curable “symptom of inflammation” does make it easier to have faith that your diabetes can really be cured, which is the first and most important step to your total recovery: properly informed belief.

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You were born to heal,
Todd M. Faassé
Health Advocate

February 26 2013


Barton Publishing Acid Reflux Review

Diabetes type 2 was first clinically defeated in America back in the 1920’s when Dr. Max Gershon helped Albert Schweitzer to be healed from Diabetes mellitus (diabetes type 2).

February 25 2013


Acid Reflux Solution Kit Joe Barton

In the search for a better diabetes cure, scientists have learned that your recovery depends solely on the quality of cell membrane health.They’ve discovered that the surface of every cell acts like a super computer equipped with a sophisticated array of sensors.

February 21 2013


The Diabetes Solution Kit

In the search for a better diabetes cure, scientists have learned that your recovery depends solely on the quality of cell membrane health.They’ve discovered that the surface of every cell acts like a super computer equipped with a sophisticated array of sensors.

February 19 2013


Diabetes For Barton

When it comes to health advice, everyone has an opinion…from your grandma to your boss, the home remedies fly around as easily as migrating geese. But how can you be sure the cures they push really work? Well, there’s one source you can trust because they’re the new leaders in the Natural Health industry.

November 09 2012


Acid Reflux Solution Kit Joe Barton

Most diabetics also suffer with high blood pressure…and the medications for that disease can cause spikes in blood sugar to go unnoticed – very dangerous.

August 21 2012


Barton Publishing Shocks Diabetics with Report on how to Reverse Type-2 Diabetes

In addition to reversing type-2 diabetes, this system has even  stopped type-1 diabetes in its tracks. It’s also proven to banish  neuropathy, save patients from amputations, and prevent Diabetic  Retinopathy – the prime cause of blindness in diabetics.

Astonishing reports are rolling in from folks all over using the  information in this report – and they’re nothing short of miraculous.  With the dangerous – even deadly side-effects of diabetes drugs in  America today – this system could literally be a life-saver to the 25.8  million people suffering with diabetes and the 1.9 million others  diagnosed each year. You could even have it and not know it…7 million  Americans are walking around undiagnosed. No surprise that the annual  cost of diabetes is around $174 billion per year in America alone.

Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death here and because of  diabetic neuropathy, 65,000 lower limb amputations were performed last  year alone. All this motivated Joe Barton and his relentless team to  come up with a solution. They knew something needed to be done about  diabetes on a massive scale. The Barton diabetes solution kit review  IS that something. It’s helped thousands, break free of the Big Pharma  flim-flam and live happier and healthier than they ever thought  possible…and has given them hope where there was little to be had.


And best of all, The Diabetes Solution Kit is available right now –  online – in an instant download from DiabetesReversed.com. Joe Barton,  owner and president of joe barton diabetes solution kit,  even guarantees that the kit will help people reverse their diabetes in  30 days or less or it’s free. And that guarantee is good for one full  year from the date of purchase. If at any time within one that year you  decide the kit is not at all useful to you, Joe will cheerfully refund  the full purchase price for any reason – or none at all.

Thousands of customers write in or send video testimonials expressing  their deepest gratitude for being able to have The Diabetes Solution  Kit. The same impressive results are reported over and over. Following  the system in the report helps people of different ages and all  backgrounds normalize blood sugar and live healthier lives.

One customer said said with great conviction, “If you are willing to  do what they say and follow the plan, your blood sugar will come down.”

Joe Barton is committed to bringing natural, healthy and inexpensive  alternative remedies to all who suffer from diabetes and other serious  conditions. In keeping with his help those who want to be helped  philosophy; he has worked tirelessly to put together the barton  publishing diabetes kit – a one-and-only advantage in the battle against  this life-threatening disease.

You may not see your ability to live your life without the insulin  shots, glucose tests, and prescription oral medications until you give  this powerful solution a chance to prove its worth. The Diabetes  Solution Kit truly offers astounding alternatives that will surprise you  in their simplicity – and his full-year guarantee ensures you have  nothing to lose.

Barton Publishing has had a massive positive impact on the lives of  thousands of diabetics. The Diabetes Solution Kit is not just a  comprehensive, well-researched guide to reversing diabetes naturally  it’s also a very real path to overall healthy living. Discover how to  normalize blood sugar starting today. Visit DiabetesReversed.com before it’s too late.

About Barton Publishing:

Barton Publishing Company,  based in Brandon South Dakota, was founded in 2003 by Joe Barton. Mr.  Barton put together a team of natural health experts from various  disciplines including medical doctors to help him develop and produce  his natural health remedy reports; each addressing a variety of health  problems, illnesses, and diseases. The reports are available online for a  surprisingly tiny price for all you get. And all Reports come with his  exclusive no-questions-asked, full-year money-back guarantee. Since the  company was founded, it has grown to serve the globe, with over 10,000  unsolicited testimonials from satisfied customers the world over.

p>DiabetesReversed.com is the site devoted to Barton’s remedies for  diabetes, pre diabetes, and syndrome X. The site has been praised by  thousands for its helpful information and useful materials in putting an  end to these serious medical conditions.

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 Chris Norman
 Barton Publishing Digital Media
 PO Box 50 Brandon SD, 57005

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