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August 01 2013


Diabetes Is A “Green” Deficiency!

br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}Diabetes is an immune system imbalance, which begins with the loss of energy at the cellular level. Restore balance and increase life energy with food and exercise.

December 17 2012


Joe Barton Publishing Company

Over the past or so, I’ve gotten the same question many times: what are natural cures for diabetes? I’ve use my time responding it immediately because it is a condition with many variables, and I have been studying and researching everything. However, after so long of “doing my homework”, I have found 5 good natural remedies that can help.

December 11 2012


Diabetes For Barton

Grapefruit juice This is widely used, however I advise caution. It can and does help many, but it can also react with some medications. If you are treating your diabetes perfectly naturally, then eating or drinking grapefruit regularly is a must. If you are on any medication, please tell to your doctor before using grapefruit as a remedy.
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