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March 06 2013


Healing Diabetes Isn’t Anything New. .

More validating research about the healing diabetes with raw plant-based foods has been published by many leading scientists, including Drs. Neal Barnard, Gabriel Cousens and James Anderson.

March 04 2013


Barton Publishing Diabetes Reviews

Diabetes type 2 was first clinically defeated in America back in the 1920’s when Dr. Max Gershon helped Albert Schweitzer to be healed from Diabetes mellitus (diabetes type 2). The key to their victory over diabetes is to be found by enjoying a simple diet of raw plant-based foods.

February 13 2013


Barton Publishing Company - How to Increase Insulin Sensitivity and Cure Diabetes

Barton publishing company In the search for a better diabetes cure, scientists have learned that your recovery depends solely on the quality of cell membrane health.

They’ve discovered that the surface of every cell acts like a super computer equipped with a sophisticated array of sensors.

These “sensors” literally perceive the environment around them as they interact with millions of electrical and chemical messages.

The more “sensitive” a cell is to perceive and sense these signals, then the healthier the cell. Hence, the healthier the tissue is, then ultimately the entire organism or person.

Diabetics need healthy cells to detect and respond to insulin, which is made from special Beta cells in the pancreas.

Your natural insulin is basically a messenger molecule, a kind of hormone which plays an important role in the regulation and metabolism of blood sugar.

In order to help the natural healing process along to cure diabetes, it’s vital you learn how to nurture healthy Beta cells.

Fact is by carefully controlling the environment around your cells you can nurture Beta cell health and overcome diabetes.

The new science of epigenetics has revealed that your genes can be turned on and off by at will. This discovery gives Complementary

Alternative Medicine (CAM) the tools it needs to defeat all degenerative dis-ease — your diabetes is no exception.

Whether it’s diabetes type 1 or diabetes type 2, cell membrane health is the determining factor in whether optimal health will be restored or not.

The Mama Nature’s Miracle Minerals

One of the quickest ways to nurture a natural healing response, for insulin resistance, on-set of diabetes type 1 or type 2, is with minerals . . . especially magnesium.

Nature ensures us with life giving “ionic” minerals through the eating of plants or through the salt minerals found in the sea or pristine ground water.

Diabetes is a type of auto-immune imbalance related to inflammation and as it turns out magnesium is Mama Nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatory solution.

Magnesium is the silent hero most people never give enough credit to. As you may already know, all minerals are necessary to help cells absorb nutrients and activate enzymes which run thousands of metabolic systems . . . blood sugar regulation is only one of them.

Studies published in the American Journal of Medicine adds to the growing body of evidence that magnesium helps proper genetic expression, reduces inflammation and increases insulin efficiency.

This is great news for all diabetics, whether diabetes type 1 or type 2 and including millions of people suffering from insulin resistance (insensitivity). The studies noted that magnesium triggered “gene expression” by turning off the genes linked to inflammatory pathways.

Bottom line is magnesium is being recognized as even more important than calcium. You need two magnesium molecules for every one calcium molecule. Without magnesium, calcium becomes a toxic burden to cell membrane health.

The findings constantly point out magnesium is beneficial for overall cell membrane health, as well as proper genetic expression.

There is no magic pills that will Diabetes Cure. However, diabetics can be cured from diabetes type 1 or type 2 by helping nurture natural healing mechanisms. The first step is to start removing the blocks to curing diabetes naturally.

To cure diabetes, first eliminate toxicity and then provide proper nutrition at the cellular level, this will allow the healing process to function more efficiently.

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January 07 2013


Defeating Diabetes Symptoms Naturally

Diabetes is on the rise, and it’s time to take steps to avoid and conquer it. Beating diabetes naturally is the best way to address and treat this debilitating and very serious condition.

The good news is diabetes symptoms can be controlled and even defeated by taking some very important steps. Imagine being able to do this without the aid of medication. By following the advice below, you can begin making a difference right away.

You should first begin with your diet. You want to avoid unnatural sugars and foods that turn into sugar after they are consumed. For example, eating potatoes frequently will raise the blood glucose level. The same is true for starchy grains. Removing these foods from your diet will help eliminate blood sugar spikes.

Another way to beat diabetes is to eat fruits and vegetables that are low in sugar. You should choose fruits and vegetables that are high in antioxidants. Berries are a great example of such fruits. Depending on the season, you should be able to choose many different varieties that can help you keep your diabetes symptoms at bay.

One of the most common misconceptions is that drinking fruit juice will provide you with the same benefits as eating fresh fruit. Fruit juices often contain more sugar than eating the fruit itself. They will only serve to raise your blood glucose levels.

When eating fruits and vegetables, watch for those high in sugar and starches. Eat them in moderation. It is also important to avoid foods containing carbohydrates – which turn into sugar. Pasta is a great example of a food to avoid. While it’s okay to have it every once in a while, you don’t want to consume it on a regular basis

Exercise is another important component of treating diabetes naturally. You should begin with cardio. Depending on whether or not you really need to lose weight, you should participate in some type of cardio exercise three to four days a week for 30 to 45 minutes at a time.

Strength training is also very effective for naturally treating diabetes. Toning and strengthening your muscles helps to rid the body of unwanted fat and promotes overall health. Another benefit of getting physically fit is that a physically fit body helps you avoid and fight infection. This becomes even more important as you grow older.

Stress is another major factor in the inconsistencies of blood sugar levels. Decreasing your stress is another way to naturally maintain your glucose levels. Begin by eliminating as much stress in your life as possible.

Figure out the factors in your life that are causing you stress. Eliminate those factors if you can and learn how to better manage those you can’t. This will also decrease your chances of developing heart disease, stroke, and other dangerous conditions.

Pay close attention to your diabetes. You should monitor your blood sugar levels regularly. Ignoring this can net you very negative results. Talk to a nutritionist to get more information on how to begin a healthy diet. Exercise regularly and learn how to manage and avoid stress. These are lifestyle changes and should stay with you forever. Taking these steps can preserve your health and ultimately, your life.

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December 31 2012


How to improve Memory and Treating Lower Blood Sugar Count

Ever find it hard to remember facts or names? Turns out that a spike in your blood sugar can lead to short-term memory loss. Fluctuation in blood sugar is often associated with diabetes and weight gain, but a 2008 study from the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition published findings that indicated the higher your blood glucose level, the more impaired your mind is.

When we eat processed foods or sugar-laden foods, our body may respond with energy for a while, but then you are weakened in body and brain. Sugar crash, anyone? Most of us have experienced this free fall at one time or another. But now there is a study that proves clear thinking is closely associated with blood sugar control.

Blood sugar was a hot topic in the mainstream media a few years ago when a large federal diabetes study was stopped because the researchers discovered that dropping the volunteer subjects’ blood sugar levels too low actually raised their risk of dying from a heart attack.

But there was one major problem: blood sugar was controlled by drugs in the subjects, not by nutrition or lifestyle changes.

Let’s see what really happened…

Let me point out a few other studies to demonstrate that pharmaceutical drugs responsible for lowering blood sugar aggressively risk heart problems. It is far more safe and healthy to control blood sugar naturally, witnessing fat loss and enhanced brain and mind function as a result.

Purdue scientists fed 2 types of yogurt to rats: yogurt sweetened with saccharin and yogurt sweetened with sugar. The rats eating yogurt sweetened with saccharin gained 36% more unhealthy fat in just 5 weeks. Researched indicates that the toxic artificial sweeteners changes insulin regulation and alters how your body digest the friendly bacteria in yogurt – rendering it almost useless.

A Penn State study split adults into 2 groups on a controlled diet that included pasta and bread. Each group at the same number of calories.

• The 1st group ate white-flour bread and pasta.

• The 2nd group substituted whole-wheat bread and pasta.

Each group had about an average of 10 pounds in weight loss. The fascinating results were indicated in the 2nd group that ate whole-wheat bread and pasta. This group dropped 2x more abdominal fat than the group consuming white-flour products. The conclusive evidence shows:

• If you have to eat bread or pasta, choose whole-wheat products that provide better blood sugar control.

• More inflammation was present in the first group eating white flour products.

• Insulin is a hormone that functions to signal the body when to store or not store body fat.

Not only does a healthy, low-blood sugar lifestyle prevent heart disease, diabetes, joint ailments, and a plethora of other conditions, but it also improves memory and cognitive functioning. In other words, the faster you metabolize blood sugar, the better your mind will function.

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