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Reverse Diabetes with Bacteria

Diabetes Solution Kit
Once again, gut bacteria proves to affect our health far more than we realized. Science has discovered that those who have diabetes, also have high levels of pathogens (bad bacteria) in their intestinal tract" compared to those without diabetes!

This discovery only reinforces what natural health practitioners like myself have said for years:

Your gut is the center of your health.

It is truly incredible what a healthy gut can do for the body! This new research validates the fact that a healthy gut can prevent diseases. It turns out that the microflora in your digestive tract may play a role in the development (or reversal!) of diabetes.

In this recent study, scientists were able to determine that over half of those with Type 2 diabetes had a digestive tract riddled with toxic bacteria. These scientists suggested that the imbalance of healthy gut flora to toxic bacteria create an environment that could actually activate Type 2 diabetes! These findings can lead to huge steps towards the diabetes prevention! Something as simple as a balance of gut flora could be what facilitates the elimination of the diabetes epidemic!

Obesity is often the major focus when it comes to diabetes treatment and prevention. And well it should be! Obesity can cause a whole host of health problems! However, calorie restrictive diets and weight loss can only do so much for your health.

Overcoming diabetes is much more than a number on a scale. It is the internal balance in the body that truly makes the difference. Being lean but lacking essential vitamins and minerals can be as damaging as being overweight!

The same goes with the balance of microflora or gut bacteria in the body!

* The right gut bacteria can protect and nurture the lining of the digestive tract both treating and preventing diabetes before it even starts.
* The wrong bacteria can inflame the digestive tract and lead to a whole host of health issues

One of the best ways to begin to balance your intestinal flora is to cut out the foods that feed the pathogenic organisms. Bad bacteria LOVE sugar. I don't just mean white sugar either. They love anything that converts into sugar in the body. This includes any refined carbohydrate you can imagine. Cutting out these gut damaging foods will dramatically change the composition of bad to good bacteria in your gut. It will also cause you to naturally lose weight! This is the two birds with one stone healthy method at beating diabetes!!

Start your journey to intestinal balance by swearing off any white carbohydrates you can name, like:

* White bread
* White sugar
* White potatoes
* White rice

The more grains and carbohydrates you can cut out of your diet, the better! This is because pathogenic bacteria feed on sugar in the body. Starving them of what they need to live causes them to die off.

The next step is to start incorporating gut loving foods into your diet. These fermented foods contain beneficial live organisms that will repopulate your gut. This gives your body the correct balance to combat disease. Some fermented food choices with good gut bacteria include:

* Kombucha Tea
* Kefir (unsweetened)
* Yogurt (unsweetened)
* Saurkraut (no vinegar added)

You will also want to invest in a good supplemental probiotic in order to boost your good bacteria levels. Depending on how low your good gut bacteria levels are, it could take a lot of yogurt to get to where it needs to be. Probiotics can contain up to billions of bacteria cultures in just one tiny pill! I recommend one with at least 6 different strains of bacteria, and at least 15 billion CFU's per pill.

You may begin to feel the effects of your gut rebalancing once you begin this protocol. Initially you may experience some diarrhea or constipation. I encourage you to stick with it! This will pass and it is just your body adjusting to it's new immune boosting conditions.

Remember, treating and preventing diabetes involves much more than just getting your weight "under control." It's about getting your entire body back in order and balance! Start with improving the health of your gut, the center of the health of your body!

Diabetes, like most diseases, can be prevented and treated if your body has sufficient good gut bacteria and is low in unhealthy pathogens. Make steps towards a healthy gut today and see your diabetes take a turn for the better!

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