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Barton Publishing Company - How to Increase Insulin Sensitivity and Cure Diabetes

Barton publishing company In the search for a better diabetes cure, scientists have learned that your recovery depends solely on the quality of cell membrane health.

They’ve discovered that the surface of every cell acts like a super computer equipped with a sophisticated array of sensors.

These “sensors” literally perceive the environment around them as they interact with millions of electrical and chemical messages.

The more “sensitive” a cell is to perceive and sense these signals, then the healthier the cell. Hence, the healthier the tissue is, then ultimately the entire organism or person.

Diabetics need healthy cells to detect and respond to insulin, which is made from special Beta cells in the pancreas.

Your natural insulin is basically a messenger molecule, a kind of hormone which plays an important role in the regulation and metabolism of blood sugar.

In order to help the natural healing process along to cure diabetes, it’s vital you learn how to nurture healthy Beta cells.

Fact is by carefully controlling the environment around your cells you can nurture Beta cell health and overcome diabetes.

The new science of epigenetics has revealed that your genes can be turned on and off by at will. This discovery gives Complementary

Alternative Medicine (CAM) the tools it needs to defeat all degenerative dis-ease — your diabetes is no exception.

Whether it’s diabetes type 1 or diabetes type 2, cell membrane health is the determining factor in whether optimal health will be restored or not.

The Mama Nature’s Miracle Minerals

One of the quickest ways to nurture a natural healing response, for insulin resistance, on-set of diabetes type 1 or type 2, is with minerals . . . especially magnesium.

Nature ensures us with life giving “ionic” minerals through the eating of plants or through the salt minerals found in the sea or pristine ground water.

Diabetes is a type of auto-immune imbalance related to inflammation and as it turns out magnesium is Mama Nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatory solution.

Magnesium is the silent hero most people never give enough credit to. As you may already know, all minerals are necessary to help cells absorb nutrients and activate enzymes which run thousands of metabolic systems . . . blood sugar regulation is only one of them.

Studies published in the American Journal of Medicine adds to the growing body of evidence that magnesium helps proper genetic expression, reduces inflammation and increases insulin efficiency.

This is great news for all diabetics, whether diabetes type 1 or type 2 and including millions of people suffering from insulin resistance (insensitivity). The studies noted that magnesium triggered “gene expression” by turning off the genes linked to inflammatory pathways.

Bottom line is magnesium is being recognized as even more important than calcium. You need two magnesium molecules for every one calcium molecule. Without magnesium, calcium becomes a toxic burden to cell membrane health.

The findings constantly point out magnesium is beneficial for overall cell membrane health, as well as proper genetic expression.

There is no magic pills that will Diabetes Cure. However, diabetics can be cured from diabetes type 1 or type 2 by helping nurture natural healing mechanisms. The first step is to start removing the blocks to curing diabetes naturally.

To cure diabetes, first eliminate toxicity and then provide proper nutrition at the cellular level, this will allow the healing process to function more efficiently.

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